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Committee Chair:
Mary Beth Konesky
We are offering the following clinics:

  1. Tuesday, October 22 - Friday, October 25


    The Golden Retriever Foundation needs Canine and Human volunteers at the National Specialty to help with the DNA collection and paperwork.

    The Golden Retriever Foundation, GRCA, The Broad Institute, and OFA need Canine volunteers for the National Specialty Canine DNA Drive. Blood samples are needed to populate OFA’s DNA database. Blood samples submitted to The Broad Institute will be used for research in cancer and hereditary diseases.

    The Golden Retriever Foundation has authorized funding to pay for the OFA submission fee for Golden Retriever samples collected at “mass collection clinics”. Through this grant from GRF, there will be no fee to the owners for submitting blood samples. There is no charge to donate blood to The Broad Institute.

    A booth will be set up in the Exhibit Hall, on Tuesday, October 22, from 1PM to 4PM, and on Wednesday and Thursday, October 23-24 from 10AM to 4PM and on Friday, October 25 from 9AM to 11AM. To encourage dogs entered in Field events to participate, the draw will be Sunday, October 27 at the Field Trial Welcome Dinner.

    Veterinarians, Technicians, dog holders, paperwork specialists and people to label samples are all needed for this continuing effort. We will be teaming up with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and volunteers from the Broad Institute for this effort.

    We will also be collecting samples for Optigen’s DNA testing for which you must contact Gerry Clinchy to get your dog(s) added to the “Master List” (G.Clinchy@gmail.com).

    ** Special requests ** The Broad Institute would like to update any dogs that have previously submitted samples. They also need samples from any dog with cancer and/or hereditary disease. These samples are of the utmost importance as are those from healthy dogs over 5 years of age without cancer or hereditary disease.

    Anyone able to help or willing to donate blood from their dog is urged to contact Gerry Clinchy to let her know. Consent forms for OFA & Broad Institute may be downloaded from the GRF website or requested from Gerry Clinchy: G.Clinchy@gmail.com. The forms request a lot of information, so it really helps to do the forms in advance.

    Even if you can donate one hour of your time,
    you will be assisting with this valuable research tool.
    You and your dog can make a difference!!

  2. Tuesday, October 22 - Thursday, October 24, 2013

    The Dallas-Fort Worth Metro GRC and the GRCA are very happy to announce Dr. Wendy Townsend, MS, DVM, DAVOM of Purdue University and a primary researcher into Pigmentary Uveitis will be performing, free of charge, ultrasounds of the Golden Retriever eye from Tuesday October 23rd thru Thursday October 25, 2013. This is a unique opportunity for the Golden Retriever community attending the 2013 National to contribute and participate in the on-going research that Dr Townsend is spearheading into Pigmentary Uveitis.

    This non invasive procedure is not a painful or uncomfortable and has the potential to provide critical infor¬mation for Dr Townsend to consider as she continues to explore the manifestations of this disease. She will exam any Golden Retriever, healthy eyes or otherwise, over 2 years of age. Golden Retrievers over 8 years old and those seen at previous ultrasound clinics by Dr Townsend are strongly encouraged to participate in this year’s clinic. Clinic will be held in the Exhibit Hall, Meeting Room #5.

    Appointments are necessary
    Clinic times tentatively scheduled as follows:

    Tuesday October 22 1-5 pm - Agility Area in the Ag Barn
    Wednesday October 23 9 am-1 pm – Exhibit Hall
    Thursday October 24 9 am-5 pm - Exhibit Hall

    To schedule an appointment or for inquiries, please email 2013NationalPUclinic@gmail.com. Any communication to this email address will not be shared with anyone not directly involve with this clinic.

    Note: Dr. Townsend will also be presenting a seminar on PU in the Seminar Room at the Exhibit Hall. Check the Seminars & Workshops page for details.

  3. Thursday, October 24, 2013 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Exhibit Hall Room 5:

      Heart Clinic - Auscultation only - Ashley B. Saunders, DVM
    • Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University
    • Diplomate Cardiology, ACVIM 2005
    • D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&MUniversity 2001
    • B.S. Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&MUniversity 1998

      Eye Clinic (CERF/OFA Eye Exams): Stephanie Beaumont, DVM
    • Graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998
    • Board certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists in 2003
    • Has specialized in veterinary ophthalmology for over 10 years and has worked in California, Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas
    • Has authored scientific articles in several veterinary journals
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