- Obedience & Rally -
Event Chair Obedience:
Lora Seale
Event Chair Rally:
Carlynn Ricks

Obedience and Rally will be held in the Ag Center Stall Barn.

Donít worry Ė there arenít any stalls in the stall barn. It is a huge room with concrete floors.

There is plenty of room for rings and crating in the same room. Rings will be matted.

The building is heated, but not air-conditioned. There are huge ďBig Ass FansĒ (yes, thatís the brand name) and lots of doors that open to allow circulation. The weather should be very comfortable for Obedience and Rally. Not only does the building stay relatively cool, even when itís hot outside, but the temperatures at the end of October are very mild.

Click here for a 6-year history of temperatures and precipitation in Wichita Falls.


Rally: Wednesday,
October 23, 2013
Thursday and Friday,
October 24-25, 2013
Class schedules to be determined after entries are received in order to maximize the time limits.

  • Roger Ayers
  • Cathy Caballero
  • James Ham
  • Cathy Caballero
Obedience Match Pre-Entry Form

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