- Social Events -
Physical tickets for Social Events will not be distributed.
Your name will be checked off a Ticket List at the door for each event.
  • Tuesday evening, October 22 - Welcome Dinner and Parade of Titleholders
    These will both take place in the Exhibit Hall

    Pre-purchased tickets for the dinner are required. Please see the RSVP Form. Parade of Titleholders is free to all.

    • The Welcome Dinner is limited to 300 people (Bar Opens at 5:30; Buffet Lines open at 6:00)

      Full Fajita Dinner (chicken and beef) with all the trimmings. Cash bar offering beer, wine and Margaritas.

      Purchase your tickets in advanced on your RSVP form or online on the GRCA store National Specialty page (no tickets will be available at the door).
    • The Parade of Titleholders is limited to 100 entries (begins at 7:15 pm)

      Entry Form will be posted on the Parade of Titleholders page when the Premium is posted in mid-to-late June.

  • Wednesday evening, October 23 - CASINO NIGHT!
    How about an evening trip to the Kiowa Casino (15 minutes from the MPEC) and try a little of your luck at the gaming tables? You’ll get free bus transportation , a free buffet dinner and $10 in free game play!! In order to do this, there has to be a minimum of 40 people signed up. The casino will pay for the bus, buffet, and game credit.

    If you’re interested, please contact Shane Sorenson at shane.sorenson@wichitafallstx.gov to reserve a spot. Please contact Shane on or before October 1.

    There will be a small deposit required to insure participation. You’ll receive a refund of your deposit upon boarding the bus.

  • Thursday evening, October 24 - GRF GALA
    Western Theme - Exhibit Hall
    Pre-purchased tickets required. Please see the RSVP Form.


    This year, all Golden lovers will have a chance to support the GRF through our art auction tradition, with a twist! It is as simple as 1-2-3...
    1. The Live Auction will continue to be part of the Top20/Gala at the National Specialty in Wichita Falls. Come support our breed and have a great time cheering on our top competitors, and maybe be the winner of a unique and special piece of art. Go to the RSVP Form to order your tickets.
    2. The GRF Booth Silent Auction will be in the Arena at the show site for THREE DAYS ONLY -- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Come place your bid on some fabulous selected pieces of art or other dog-related items.
    3. NEW NEW NEW: The GRF is moving into the 21st Century with our first Online Auction. Check it out from Oct. 15 - 31 at 32auctions.com/GRF. No need to be at the National -- bid from your own home anywhere in the world! The choices are marvelous and the bidding is easy!

  • Friday evening, October 25 - Texas Hoe Down (aka Tailgate Party)
    6:30 pm to ?? - FREE!!!

    Exhibit Hall - Grooming area

    Ya’ll come join us for the 2013 Tailgate Party!!! This fun, casual evening relaxing in the grooming area has grown bigger every year - and this year is no exception. After all...Everything’s BIGGER in Texas!!

    Come as you are…and bring your favorite food and drinks to share with friends old and new. But in the spirit of true Texas Hospitality we will kick off the Hoe Down with an Authentic Texas Barbeque Rib Dinner provided courtesy of The Mavericks.** This generous organization of Good Ole Texas Boys love to cook and eat BBQ and drink beer with hundreds of their closest friends. This year we will be treated to genuine, down-home Texas pork ribs, red beans, corn-on-the-cob, cole slaw, rolls, drinks and all the trimmings!! They will pull their huge smoker up to the Exhibit Hall around Noon on Friday, October 25 and start cooking. We’ll be smelling that mouth-watering BBQ cooking all day long!! They also bring their Beer Wagon so you can stop by and partake of free Beer on Tap!! Thanks to “The Mavericks of Wichita Falls” for their generosity and this Big Texas Welcome!!

    Don’t miss out!! The free BBQ dinner will be served from 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm (yes, they say they can serve 300 to 400 people in 30 minutes!). It may be slow cooked, but once it is done it will go fast! So if you’re running late, you’ll have to stand and watch the cooker roll off into the sunset with a tear streaming down your face. But never fear… the party will go on! The fun continues through the evening with the traditional pot luck appetizers, regional specialties, deserts and drinks of every kind that the tailgate party is known for. So bring your favorites to share. Then try your hand at games of skill and luck Texas Style!!

    Join us for the Texas Hoe Down - The most fun you can have with yer boots on!!!

    ** "The Mavericks of Wichita Falls, Inc"

    The Mavericks organization was established to promote the City of Wichita Falls; to promote the continuance of outdoor" Chuck Wagon" style cooking; and to honor and aid persons and organizations which have been, or will be, beneficial to the City of Wichita Falls.

    During a calendar year, The Mavericks conduct various official functions to honor and aid persons and/or organizations which have been or will be beneficial to the City of Wichita Falls. All official functions are funded and underwritten by the members of The Mavericks.

  • Sunday, October 27 - WC WCX Celebration / Field Trial Welcome Dinner
    CHOW TIME!! - 6:30 to 10:00

    Holman Conference Center - 211 North Clay - Henrietta, TX
    Pre-purchased tickets required. Please see the RSVP Form.

    Come on down and enjoy real Texas barbecue with all the fixins. Celebrate your WC WCX pass (or enjoyment of your run!) or get ready for the field trial with rib-stickin’ food and complimentary Coors Beer, if you're so inclined!** Boots, belts with your name on the back and jeans are extra welcome. Leave your horse, rope and spurs at the gate.

    Dinner tickets are $37 per person (iced tea is included) and need to be purchased in advanced on your RSVP form or online on the GRCA Store's National Specialty page (no tickets will be available at the door).

    ** We have been told that due to liquor laws, we cannot sell tickets for beer/wine. Therefore, complimentary Coors beer will be available for everyone who purchases a meal ticket.

  • Wednesday, October 30 – Field Trial Awards Banquet
    Coyote Ranch Resort - Wichita Falls, TX - 7:00 pm
    Pre-purchased tickets required. Please see the RSVP Form.

    Beef and Chicken Fajitas with all the trimmings and Frozen Margaritas!

    In order to recognize those outstanding, extremely talented Goldens who represent our Breed in the field trial arena, the GRCA will be honoring current and past Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions.

    This will take place with their introduction and presentation of a ribbon at the Field Trial Banquet.
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